The relationship between Alpenmade and the hotel world enterprise led us to realize hospitality projects in a increasingly more and more International market. A constantly updated testimonial evidence will inform you, through images, about the latest results of this co-operation.


Hotel Royal Plaza
Neftejugansk (PY)

Hotel Milano Scala
Milano (IT)

Hotel La Perla
Ravascletto - Udine (IT)

Hotel Astoria
St. Petersburg (RU)

St. Paul - Appiano (BZ)

Hotel Kappeller
Innsbruck (A)

Park Hotel Elizabeth
Mariotto Bitonto - Bari (IT)

Le Palais Marseille
Sormiou (F)

Hotel Taganka
Mosca (RU)

Belambra Club VVF
Lou Sarri - Gourette (F)

Hotel Boccascena
Genova (IT)

Duinse Polders
Blankenberge (B)

Fenice Palace Florence
Firenze (IT)

Moscow (RU)

Bolzano (IT)

Auberge de Founex
Founex (CH)

Maria Alm (A)

Hotel Oasis
Kazan (RU)

Hotel Principe Marmolada
Rocca Pietore - Bl (IT)

Royal Decameron
Boa Vista (Capo Verde)

Hotel Senator
Gorgonzola Mi (IT)

Hotel Sole Felsenbad
Gmünd (A)

Start Up
progetti in corso

Hotel Dnister
Lviv (UA)